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Audio-gd Reference 10.2 DAC/pre-amp/head-amp (TONEAudio review)

  • I’ve reviewed Audio-gd’s PCM1704-infused Reference 7.1 DAC and I’ve covered their C39-MK3 pre-amplifier. What happens when Kingwa gene-splices the two* together and adds a dedicated headphone stage to form the Reference 10.2? The short answer is you get the tonal richness and PRaT of a multi-but DAC implementation chrome-plated by the cleanliness of an ‘accurate’ pre-amplification stage.  Bi-winning!

    The new Tenor USB receiver chip is far better than the lip-service currently paid to the universal serial bus by many other DAC manufacturers. However, those wanting to juice the BEST sound from the Reference 10.2 unit are still advised to go with a good S/PDIF feed.

    Read the full story in my review of Audio-gd’s Reference 10.2 DAC/head-amp/pre-amp (US$1850), my second for TONEAudio.

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    *Actually, the Reference 10.2 is probably closer to the Reference 5.2 [than the Reference 7.1].

    Further information:  Audio-gd / Addicted To Audio

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