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Burson updates HA-160 with Soloist headphone/pre-amplifier

  • Three years after their HA-160 headphone amplifier, Burson Audio has announced a new two-in-one head-amp/pre-amp named the Soloist.

    Holding fast to Burson Audio’s IC-free design mandate, the Soloist is a pure Class-A amplifier free from standard IC op-amp and IC power regulator building blocks.

    The Soloist has 35% fewer components in its signal path than the HA-160. “This translates into a even more organic sound.”, according to the press release copy.

    Output power has increased to 4wpc and can be varied to match to any headphone. Furthermore, the Soloist is also a pre-amplifier that promises to match well with most power amplifiers.

    The Burson Soloist ships on 1st July 2012 for US$960.

    Further Information: Burson Audio

    EDIT:  Srajan Ebaen recently published his review of the Soloist over at 6Moons.

    John H. Darko

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