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Audioquest releases Dragonfly USB DAC

  • Here’s something unexpected: a USB DAC from cable giant Audioquest. The thumbnail sized Dragonfly DAC offers user-selectable variable and fixed outputs (for headphones and pre-amps respectively) and it handles resolutions of up to 24/96 via a buzzword-compliant asynchronous USB implementation; which is USB Audio class 1.

    Unusual at this price point is the deployment of TWO internal clocks (presumably for 44.1 and 48 sample-rate families). The addition of an intelligent LED that shows the resolution of the incoming signal is also a nice touch. Also inside the Dragonfly there’s an ESS Sabre chip of unknown model (perhaps the 9023?) as well as some software code from Gordon Rankin’s Wavelength stable.

    The Audioquest Dragonfly has an RRP of US$249.

    Further Information: Audioquest

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