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Bliss adds MusicBrainz searches, web-based tag editing

  • I’ve written about Bliss before and I’m writing about it again because I find it indispensable.  It automatically adds cover art to – and organises – your music collection into a folder structure.  Ideal for iTunes refusers!

    Bliss is essentially a daemon/app that runs (in the background) on your music server.  It can be controlled from any web browser running on the same network.  Mostly I use a MacBook Pro.  I sometimes even use an iPad.  It applies ‘fixes’ to your music collection adding artwork (automatically where possible), restructuring folders according to user-specified rules (based upon tag data).  But what if your id3 tags aren’t up to scratch or – shock horror (!) – completely missing?

    Since devoting increasingly more time to adding new features and fixing bugs, software developer Dan Gravell has taken Bliss to another level again with web based tag editing.  Tags can now be edited from within Bliss’s web interface (bye bye Musorg, see ya later Jaikoz).  If the MusicBrainz search fails to find a match for a folder of untagged files the user can now add them manually.  One can also edit erroneous existing tags.  Brilliant!

    Bliss can run on Windows, OS X, Linux and there’s even an rpm for VortexBox users.Further information:  Bliss HQ

    John Darko

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