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REDGUM Audio launch new online store, drop prices

After 10 years of software inconsistencies and bare-bones aesthetics REDGUM Audio have launched a brand new online store: REDGUM Online.  This lick of pixel paint also bring new features: shipping calculators for Australian and international customers as well as the ability to accumulate rewards points.

Even better: they’ve lowered prices.Due to the continuing high Australian dollar all prices in the REDGUM and Sonofa’GUM ranges have been taken down several pegs.  “REDGUM Audio seems to get around to a price increase about every 4 years and that time is now.  Starting April 1st 2012 the REDGUM online store is having a price “increase” in the direction of DOWN!”, says Lindy Gerber.“We promise it is NOT an April Fool’s joke!”.

Not enough for ya?  OK then:  REDGUM Online is offering DAR readers the opportunity to save a further 15% throughout April.  Simply apply the discount code “Darko” at checkout time (maximum 5 items per customer).

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John H. Darko

Written by John H. Darko

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