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Oversimplifying: Robert Henke makes Ableton Live and with it he creates electronic music.  The second part of Monolake’s trilogy, Ghosts, is both darker and more physical than its predecessor Silence.  Beats clank against moody, monotonic backgrounds; at least two tracks nod heavily in the direction of the UK bass scene. In fact, Ghosts could easily pass for the soundtrack to Ridley Scott’s forthcoming (Alien prequel) Prometheus.  Sinister themes underpin pretty much the entirety of its near-60 minute run time.  Best of all (in the context of this website) Ghosts is extremely audiophile friendly – it sounds clean, vast and empty..  According to the Monolake website, a 24/96 version will be available in due course.

You can read Resident Advisor’s review here and listen to audio samples on the Monolake website here.

UPDATE 7th April 2012:  The 24/96 FLAC/WMA versions of Ghosts are now available from the Linn Records website here.  US$24.
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