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Audiophilleo launch PurePower VLN digital PSU

In taking his Audiophilleo USB-S/PDIF convertor to the next level, Philip Gruebel has announced the PurePower VLN digital power pack. VLN? Very low noise.

The PurePower is a rechargeable battery pack that keeps the ‘dirty’ USB power feed galvanically isolated from the twin clocks and S/PDIF output stage, instead feeding them with lovely, wholesome battery juice.

Lasting up to 15 hours in continuous use, the PurePower auto-recharges when it senses the umbilically-linked Audiophilleo is not playing music. Clever. This battery pack also sports an LCD display with shows power/play-time in real time. It’s available in red, gold or blue.

Existing Audiophilleo owners will need to return their units to have an additional power connector fitted and then returned with the PurePower VLN in tow.

The PurePower factory upgrade is currently available for US$399.

Further Information: Audiophilleo

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