Addicted To Audio (Kew, VIC) – a quick tour

One of the newest kids on the Melbourne hi-fi block is Addicted To Audio. This retail space is the first in a run of quasi-office spaces in Woodlands Avenue, Kew.  From the outside it doesn’t look much like a hi-fi store but one can’t miss A2A’s striking blue signage.

Inside, the office-y vibe continues but doesn’t detract from the hi-fi auditioning vibe – the forces of digital audio are strong here.  A single listening room houses a wide range of demo gear with a strong slant towards head-fi: pick a DAC, a head-amp and some cans and just get listening.  Customers are encouraged to mix and match demo gear as they so choose. For such a small space, A2A’s range of wares is formidable (and growing rapidly).  Snappy-snap snap…

The Woo Audio WA6:

A melange of headphones:

The Burson twins and an Audiophilleo1:

Proprietor George Poutakidis unboxing the Audeze LCD-3:

Ultrasone Signature Pro and Luxman DA-200:

A customer digging some Burson action:

Gear from Cypher Labs, Violectric and Sugden:

Cans on heads from Shure and Cambridge’s DacMagic Plus:

Along the rear wall there’s some fine-looking Luxman gear pushing into loudspeakers from Vienna Acoustics and Sugden:

Further information: Addicted To Audio

John H. Darko

Written by John H. Darko

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