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Anedio prep D2 DAC and U2 USB-S/PDIF converter

It’s been a long while in development but Anedio will finally ship their D2 DAC in early February 2012.  Improvements over the D1 DAC include an XMOS receiver chip to enable asynchronous 24/192 over USB, balanced outputs and a redesigned chassis (fewer blue lights!).  The complete revision list can be read here.  Those keen on the measured side of life should spend reading time here.

The D2 DAC maintains the headphone amplifier and pre-amplifier capabilities of its predecessor and will sell direct from Anedio HQ in the USA for US$1470.

Wait! There’s more…

Anedio have also announced the U2 USB-S/PDIF converter.  Presumably harnessing the efforts used to improve the aforementioned DAC’s USB input, the U2 also deploys an XMOS receiver chip so that asynchronous USB will handle up to 24/192.  Crucially, it sports TWO fixed-frequency clocks: one for 44.1/88.2/176.4 and the other for 48/96/192 sample rates.  No PLL clock synthesis there!  The full feature list can be found here.

The U2 USB will also sell direct from Anedio.  The price?  US$390.

Further Information: Anedio

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