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Audirvana moves to Plus beta w/ iTunes integration

  • Audirvana development keeps on keeping on.  It’s definitely one of the better audiophile-quality music players for OS X but the new beta (“Plus”) version pulls an even bigger rabbit from the hat – iTunes integration.  Wow.

    “Audirvana Plus can now, in addition to its independent playlist mode, be fully controlled by iTunes. In this mode, Audirvana Plus works transparently in the background, replacing the audio engine, while iTunes is used as the library to select, control the tracks to play.”

    The killer blow?  “This also enables to use the Remote app for iPhone & iPad”.

    Sonic Studio (Amarra) and Channel D (Pure Music) should be afraid – very afraid.

    You can grab this new beta of Audirvana right here (from their newer, slicker website) but the full version of Audirvana Plus will (eventually) run you US$49.

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