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Polk Audio announce LSiM Loudspeaker Series

  • Having last weekend debuted several models at RMAF 2011, Polk Audio have announced a new top-of-the-line-home audio speaker range – the LSiM Series.

    “We’re tremendously excited to unveil the new LSiM series, which are the most advanced speakers we’ve built in our nearly 40 year history”, says Polk’s Vice President of Product Line Management, Mark Suskind.

    “The LSi line has been Polk’s flagship selection for almost a decade, but in light of current technological possibilities, we felt it was time for a re-visit. The result is not so much an evolution of the current series as it is a re-engineering of the qualities that have made LSi the best in its clas
    s. The LSiM Series achieves all of Polk’s high standards and performance objectives. The Series produces open, transparent, three-dimensional sound with acute tonal and temporal response at all frequencies; extended dynamics; uniformly wide dispersion; deep, tight integrated bass; and compatibility with a broad range of past, present and future electronics.”

    The LSiM Series consists of a full range of tower, bookshelf, centre and surround channel models.  At the top of the line up sits the two, 4-way floor-standing tower models, the LSiM 707 (AU$5499) and LSiM 705 (AU$4499).  The LSiM 707 and LSiM 705 each feature state-of-the-art transducers built with Polk’s Dynamic Balance® design technology, which combines the latest in composite materials and computer assisted-geometry. Both tower speakers feature these high performance drivers as well as Polk’s Dynamic Sonic Engine enclosure, which houses the Extended Linear Motion (ELM) mid-range driver and the Advance Isotropic ring radiator (AIR) tweeter.

    Combining these transducers in a single optimised array produces an exceptionally wide and uniform dispersion pattern. The top-of-the-line LSiM 707 complements this array with a 6.5″ ELM mid-woofer driver and dual 6×9″ ELM subwoofers featuring Polk’s PowerPort®, which maximises low-bass energy ordinarily lost as air turbulence in the enclosure. The smaller LSiM 705 features the identical Dynamic Sonic Engine for high frequencies and midrange, along with Polk designed ELM 5.25″ mid-woofer and dual 5×7″ ELM subwoofers.

    A bookshelf-sized version of the towers, the LSiM 703 (AU$2199), utilises the same technologies as the towers, minus the internal subwoofer drivers.

    Further information: International Dynamics

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