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Best of RMAF 2011: Wyred4Sound

  • Wyred4Sound have a host of new products set to drop in early December.

    First up, the M-int integrated (US$1499) with onboard ESS DAC. I love the neatness of these all-in-one boxes. This will give the Bel Canto C5i and the Peachtree iNova some serious competition.

    Then there’s a Linux-based music server (US$1999) with I2S out (so that it can directly feed the W4S DAC-2). When using the appropriate application – such as mPad controller – the Linux music server will handle gapless playback. The Squeezebox application will not. As for the Sonos integration with our server, it is something we still need to play around with but it looks promising.

    Tucked away in the corner is the more budget-market focussed portable uSeries, which promises three products: uDAC (US$399), uDAC-HD (US$499) and uLINK USB-S/PDIF convertor (US$299).

    The Wyred4Sound RMAF display system featured:

    • Wyred 4 Sound Music Server (US$1999)
    • DAC-2 (US$1499)
    • STP-SE (US$1999)
    • SX-500 monoblock (US$899ea)
    • Clearwave S72R loud speakers

    Further information:  DeepHz Audio

    John H. Darko

    Written by John H. Darko

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