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Best of RMAF 2011: Wavelength Audio

I really liked the Wavelength Audio room.  Those were some BIG loudspeakers in a room that wasn’t anyway near large enough (in theory).  In fact, many of the rooms at RMAF are waaay too small for the sound (bass!) of large floorstanders.  Is this why so many exhibitors choose a musical programme that’s lighter than BBC Radio in the 1950s?  Or is it that your average audiophile really does dig small jazz ensembles, acoustic folk, Patricia Barber and Diana Krall?  Either way, I like the Wavelength room because they’re playing The Doors.  Music with (some) balls is a rarefied treat for this RMAF attendee.

On show…

  • MacBook Air i7/4G/128GB
  • Thunderbolt Promise Pegasus Raid 5 Library | AudioQuest Diamond USB Cable
  • Cosecant HS Denominator (US$3500 + US$500 Denominator Module)
  • Royal 71A Line Level Preamplifier (US$7500)
  • AudioQuest Niagara Interconnects
  • Amplifiers Friday & Saturday – Cardinal ($8500), Sunday – Corona Enhanced Copper ($7500)
  • AudioQuest K2 speaker cables
  • Vaughn Triode 100dB Speakers ($10K)

And some new stuff:

  • Neutron 24/192 Balanced AD/DA converter US$2000
  • Electron 24/192 Headphone Amplifier US$2500
  • Electron 24/192 15W Amplifier US$1500

Further Information:  Wavelength Audio Australia NZ

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