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Best of RMAF 2011: Red Wine Audio

  • I can’t imagine too many exhibitors being 100% happy with their room size (and the resulting sound).  Like most (all?!) hifi shows, RMAF is just a glorified show n tell – a fun one – and not necessarily a definitive representation of the capability of the gear at hand.

    Red Wine Audio’s Vinnie Rossi came prepared – he brought loudspeakers that are spot on for his room: WLM La Scala standmounts.  Launching his new Signature 15 integrated and Liliana monoblocks, Rossi has these new amplifier models alternately tethered to the WLMs. The sound from each pairing was inviting, transparent and bass light/tight. The latter quality was a good thing, especially when Rossi indulged my desire for a SBTRKT Remix of Radiohead, some Scuba and then Brian Eno’s “This”.

    A dose of early NIN failed to cause either the Signature 15 or the La Scalas any stress, even with end-of-the-day SPLs pushed up, up and away. This is simple, forward-thinking hifi for modern men. Interestingly, Rossi and Red Wine Audio are leaving Tripath behind with this new integrated; news that caught me by surprise.

    On display:

    • Isabellina LFP-V Edition DAC (US$1500), fed by Macbook Pro w/ WireWorld SuperNova 6 glass optical cable
    • CD Transport 1 with 75-ohm BNC coax output (US$500)
    • Signature 15 integrated amplifier (US$1500)
    • Liliana Monobocks (US$5600) fed from the Isabella Preamplifier (US$4000 and up)
    • WLM La Scala Monitors (US$4500)

    Further Information:  Red Wine Audio


    Written by John

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