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Best of RMAF 2011: Peachtree Audio

The guys at Peachtree had one of the larger mezzanine rooms in which they showcased three systems of varying wallet damage.  Central to each was the Grand Pre, the (all-new) Grand Integrated and the tried and trusted iNova.  Team Peachtree’s verbal presentation was impressive in its slickness and head honcho David Solomon sure knows how to work a room.  I really like what these guys are doing with product convergence and there’s a LOT of stuff to see/hear in their room.  Kudos for the Peter Gabriel.  Peachtree also have some neat hush-hush stuff in the pipeline, but that was behind the curtain.  Exciting times.  (Oh yeah, the iDecco is being phased out.)

On display in the Peachtree room was…

System One:

  • Sonus Faber Elipsa SE (US$22900)
  • Peachtree Audio Grand Integrated (US$4299)
  • Power conditioning, power cords, speaker cable provided by Shunyata Research
  • AudioQuest Diamond USB
  • Amarra used for playback with iTunes
  • Solid Steel 5.3 rack

System Two:

  • Bowers & Wilkins 802D version 2 (US$15000)
  • Peachtree Audio Grand Pre (US$2999)
  • Simaudio Moon W-7 power amp (US$8999)
  • Power conditioning, power cords provided by Shunyata Research
  • AudioQuest mini toslink to toslink Cinnamon series
  • AudioQuest Redwood speaker cable
  • Pure Music/iTunes
  • Solid Steel 5.3 rack

System Three:

  • Peachtree Audio iNova (US$1799)
  • Peachtree Audio Design 5 speakers (US$999)
  • COMBO PRICE (US$2499)
  • iPhone 4 as source

Further Information:  Audio Marketing

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