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Best of RMAF 2011: CEntrance

CEntrance’s Michael Goodman doesn’t sound like a ‘Michael Goodman’ should.  He’s of Russian extraction and he’s one polite and disarming chap with a brain the size of a planet.  The USB technology he has developed for his products is licensed to other big DAC hitters.

The CEntrance DACMini (DAC + head/pre) has been extended to embrace a power-amp stage so that it’s an all-in-one solution (DAC + head/pre + power) that can drive loudspeakers; and Goodman’s got some of those coming too – desktop/standmount coaxials in piano gloss.  Neat.

  • DACport LX, portable DAC, US$350
  • DACport, portable DAC wih HP amp, US$400
  • DACmini CX, desktop DAC with HP amp, $795
  • DACmini PX, intergrated amp, HP amp and DAC, $1475
  • MasterClass 2504 coaxial transducers, $700

Further Information: CEntrance


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