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Peachtree Audio announces The Grand Pre

  • They’ve been promising it for a while now but Peachtree Audio are finally set to launch their statement DAC/Pre-amplifier.  It looks better than its Dad-joke name would suggest.  Six digital inputs – 24/192 asynchronous USB, two coax, two optical, BNC – feed an in-built ESS Sabre32 9018 DAC that lowers jitter to less than 1 picosecond.

    “The reference-quality preamp routes all of the information from the DAC through a short signal path that uses gain control and discreet Class A output stages. The Bascom King tube buffer circuit uses the musically legendary 12ax7 tubes and is designed to rejuvenate average recordings and compressed music sources like Pandora and Spotify. The Grand Pre can be used in pure solid state or hybrid tube mode. Analog inputs and outputs include single ended RCA and balanced XLR, Home Theater Bypass, high pass output, fixed line out, and a headphone amplifier.”

    There’s no word yet on pricing but we understand The Grand Pre will debut at this year’s Rocky Mountain Audio Festival.

    More information at the Peachtree Audio website.  Perhaps.

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