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Olive music server app now available for Android

  • Makers of self-contained music servers Olive have announced the availability of the Olive App for Android devices. Now available as a FREE download from the Android Market, the Olive App gives users portable access of up to 6000 CDs worth of lossless quality music and the same touch screen navigation menus found on the Olive.

    “The Olive App provides users with instant access to their complete music collection. Searching for a song is easy, users can simply select by genre, artist or album or tap a few letters and search by name or even use the built in voice control to find their favourites. Users can create playlists and add songs to playlists while listening or choose from thousands of free internet radio stations to listen to. The Olive App allows users the ability to control their Olive 2 multi-room players for easy wireless access to music all over the home.”

    The Olive App features include:

    • Navigate Olive music server via Artist, Album, Track, Playlist or Genre
    • Navigate via artwork for Artist or Album
    • Navigate network devices via music sources
    • Connect to the internet in order to choose from over 3,000 groomed radio stations
    • Automatic detection of all available Olive devices for quick access
    • Switch the control from the Olive Music Server to the Olive Player via Zones
    • Search music library with the built in keyboard or simply use the voice control (exclusive to the Android app)
    • Create new playlists or add songs to existing playlists
    • Add a radio station to favourites or bookmark one of Olive’s pre-loaded stations as a favourite for quick access or simply search through the radio database using voice control or the keyboard on your Android device
    • Shuffle / repeat through the whole library
    • See what title is currently playing within the play screen with tons of additional information like release date, additional performers and much more
    • Control the volume with the volume slider or the hard volume buttons of your Android device within the play screen (exclusive to the Android app)
    • Skip forward/backward, pause, stop or search within a title
    • Put the Olive Server into sleep mode or wake it up using your Android device

    The Olive App is a free download from the Android Market here.

    Written by John

    John currently lives in Berlin where he creates videos and podcasts for Darko.Audio. He has previously contributed to 6moons, TONEAudio, AudioStream and Stereophile.

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