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Audio-gd NFB-5 DAC / headphone amplifier

Audio-gd are set to launch a new model of headphone amplifier and DAC called the NFB-5. It features the same dual Wolfson DAC chip combo that made the NFB-2 such a winner…and it adds an ALPS volume pot (RK27) and bypassable op-amp.

Digital inputs: USB handles up to 24/96 bags, coaxial up to 24/192. The (96khz restricted) DIR9001 receiver chip is available on request, at time of order. Otherwise, you’ll get the stock WM8805. However, the ace-in-the-hole is nine user-selectable digital filters – you choose your digital “Flavor”. Nine! Take that Rega!

The Audio-gd NFB-5 will be available from 20th July (tomorrow) for an introductory promo price of US$330 (+ shipping).

John H. Darko

Written by John H. Darko

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