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Lowther return to Australia with Hornet HD

  • ‘Lowther…towards perfection’ – so goes the art deco inspired motif, used since the early days of Lowther, an English company based in Sidcup, Kent.  This classic British brand returns down under as (obviously!) Lowther In Australia with the Hornet HD (AU$6650).

    Lowther believe “perfection” in sound reproduction to be much more than just “Hi-Fi”; it is the ability of a loudspeaker to replicate the thrilling sounds of the human voice with uncanny realism as well as the beauty of the cello, violin, piano, brass, timpani, woodwinds and other instruments.  Horn loudspeaker systems have always excelled in creating a sense of presence, the feeling of “being there”.

    The highly efficient Hornet HD is a small, internally-folded acoustic bass horn.  It is 2.1m in length and fitted with one Lowther drive unit using the latest rare earth magnet technology.

    The high quality Hornet enclosures are manufactured in Adelaide by specialists in complex cabinet work. Australian ingenuity in design and manufacture enables Lowther In Australia to offer these speakers at prices of at least half those of overseas rivals.

    Full particulars of the Hornet HD can be found at Lowther In Australia.

    John H. Darko

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