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PrimaLuna bring new tube range to Australia

  • International Dynamics is pleased to announce the availability of PrimaLuna’s exciting new line of tube electronics. These products demonstrate technical perfection which gives way for breath taking sound reproduction, immaculate delivery of rhythmic sounds, coupled with modern yet exceedingly elegant aesthetics which exude a luxurious and superior image despite their affordable price. This impressive brand offers two lines of tube electronics – the ProLogue and the DiaLogue series, both extremely remarkable in their own right. These products have proven extraordinary in numerous categories and will not fail to impress even the most avid audiophile.

    ProLogue Level
    This admirable line within the PrimaLuna family offers a range of amplifiers and CD players which are made from premium components, and promise the upmost performance in sound reproduction. The Classic sub-line of the ProLogue series offers users the newest versions of the original members of the Prologue family. The ProLogue Classic Integrated Amplifier presents as an impressive hand-made construction, comprising the finest point-to-point wiring and a handy EL34/KT88 bias switch which allows users to choose between the optimum tube bias setting with the flick of a switch.

    The CD player in this range represents the final piece in PrimaLuna’s critically acclaimed introductory line of affordable, high quality tube products. Composed of heavy-gauge steel, this fully-vented chassis boasts a five-coat, high gloss automotive-grade finish where each coat has been hand-rubbed and polished to create an exquisitely elegant finish to the unit. Including the impressive state-of-the-art Burr Brown upsampler and DACs, the ProLogue Classic CD Player also features advanced custom-designed isolation transformers which enable improved sonics and reduced signal degradation.

    The Premium sub-line of the ProLogue series sets new benchmarks in high-end audio. Again offering a variety of amplifiers and a CD player, this range of tube electronics incorporates the best elements from the original ProLogue line as well as carefully selected ground-breaking features from the DiaLogue series. Also comprising the innovative Adaptive AutoBias circuitry, this Premium range of products includes the four new circuits introduced by PrimaLuna: BTI-circuit, PTP-circuit, OTP-circuit and +B relay, all of which add a distinguishing and superior element to the series.

    The Premium Integrated Amplifier prevails as an engineering marvel, encompassing a range of technologically advanced components and features, which translate into profound musical sounds and demonstrate the workings of genius audio manufacturing. New output and power transformers, front-end circuitry and a full-function remote produce lower distortion, less noise as well as increased detail and musicality. The Pre Amplifier in this range also includes these features which reinvent these amplifiers as next generation audio products.

    Also members of the ProLogue Premium line, the Monoblock Amplifier and the Stereo Power Amplifier possess similar positive attributes which entail great benefits for users. The Stereo Power Amp employs the use of zero negative feedback topology which allows for greater tonality and better musicality overall. On the other hand, the Monoblock Amp uses dual feedback topology which utilises current and negative feedback with the end result of gaining all the benefits of feed-back but without all of the drawbacks. As with all of the PrimaLuna components, the full range of ProLogue products are hand-made and are built using premium parts including ceramic tube sockets, toroidal power transformers and gold plated RCA jacks.

    DiaLogue Level
    Winner of a growing number of industry awards, the DiaLogue range takes PrimaLuna to the next level, dramatically raising the bar for affordable, high-end audio and demonstrates incredible performance. This series contains of a range of marvellous amplifiers which consistently prove to satisfy the audiophiles’ most stringent demands. DiaLogue One and Two represent the integrated amplifier models within this line, both featuring a toroidal power transformer for low hum and triode/ultralinear switching to control the operation of the power tubes.

    The Pre Amplifier in this range is represented by DiaLogue Three, with DiaLogue Four and Five as the two Stereo Power Amplifiers. The new driver and phase splitter circuitry in these power amps work to produce a rare natural tonality. The DiaLogue Five also boasts upgraded Solen Capacitors to improve midband and impressive clarity.

    The two Monoblock Amplifiers are the DiaLogue Six and Seven which effortlessly reach a new level of performance by using a unique dual-feedback topology. These amps are not only equipped with premium components and offer users exceptional benefits, the DiaLogue Seven has been recognised in many industry awards, receiving a “Product of the Year” Award from The Absolute Sound and was a winner of the “Exceptional Value Award” from Tone Magazine.

    Overall the new PrimaLuna range presents users with outstanding musical performance at affordable prices. The sleek and modern look to these units, sustained by the unique cages placed over the body of each, is testament to the skills of the talented design and manufacturing team at PrimaLuna. Each and every product in the ProLogue and DiaLogue lines demonstrates impressively rich sound reproduction, acute clarity in all rhythm and tones emitted, and embodies features and qualities that the true audiophile dreams of.

    About PrimaLuna
    PrimaLuna is a brand of tube electronics established in 2003 by Herman van den Dungen, high-end distributor from The Netherlands. More than 30 years of high-end experience in the fields of design, manufacturing, export, import, retail, and after-sales-service is the basis for a range of affordable and reliable, yet highly musical products. The philosophy of the PrimaLuna team is that not just the PrimaLuna products, but also the people involved in PrimaLuna have to be top-of-the-bill. So PrimaLuna will give you excellent designers, highest quality manufacturing and a first-class sales and after-sales network. This is all without becoming unaffordable.

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