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Peachtree iNova, iDac and musicBox pricing announced

  • Audio Marketing have announced (tentative) local pricing for the Peachtree musicBox device. It will retail for AU$899 on its own, AU$999 with the MB3 speakers or AU$1299 with the DS4.5 speakers. Alternatively, you can BYO.

    What’s the Peachtree musicBox? It’s a shrinking of the iDecco/iNova package to accommodate smaller desktop and bedroom systems. It comes complete with a PURE DIGITAL iPod dock, headphone stage, class A pre-amp.

    Further technical information and Australian pricing for the Peachtree iNova and iDAC – both of which feature the PURE DIGITAL iPod dock – has also been announced:

    1)24/192 32 bit 9016 Sabre DAC. Significant upgrade over the 24bit 9006 in our earlier products
    2)Coaxial digital input will accept 24/192 audio files
    3)USB and Optical digital will accept 24/96 audio files
    4)Customized digital filter settings on back panel. NOS=Non Oversampling. Will play back files up to 24/192 at their native resolution and has a minimum amount of digital filtering for a smoother sound. NAL=Non-aliasing. This setting up-samples to 24/192 and eliminates aliasing distortion common in all upsampling DAC’s.
    5)(2) Coax, (2) Opt, (1) USB, (1) Digital dock for iPod inputs
    6)Digital dock for iPod with all up to sate software.
    7)Remote control. Can be used an extension to an existing analog high-end stereo system. The primary customer for the iDac is an audiophile who needs a very good all purpose DAC in his system.

    Estimated RRP AU$1399

    1)The iNova has the same DAC, custom filters, and digital inputs as the iDac.
    2)32 bit 9016 Sabre DAC. (4db better s/n ratio and better overall resolution than the 9006 24 bit DAC in the Nova)
    3)24/96 USB capability (Nova is 16/48)
    4)24/192 through coaxial digital input. (Nova is 24/96)
    5)We used upgrade capacitors throughout the iNova, but mainly in the DAC section.
    6)Upgraded voltage regulator for improved bass response.
    7)Preamp and amp has better signal to noise ratio than the Nova.
    8)Comes in Rosewood, Cherry, and High Gloss Black (HGB)
    9)Class A preamp output
    10)Class A headphone output.

    Estimated RRP AU$1999

    Further details can be found at the Signalpath website.

    Written by John

    John currently lives in Berlin where he creates videos and podcasts for Darko.Audio. He has previously contributed to 6moons, TONEAudio, AudioStream and Stereophile.

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