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KingRex UC192 digital converter lands in Australia

  • Need to convert USB digital audio to either S/PDIF or I2S?  KingRex joins the ever-growing throng of digital interfaces from M2Tech, Audio-gd, Firestone and TeraDak with its UC192 converter.

    The KingRex UC192 is a high-quality computer audio transport interface for those wishing to stream high-resolution files to an existing DAC. The UC192 can transfer from PC or Mac at 16bit/44.1KHz to 32bit/192KHz through S/PDIF & I2S outputs. The UC192 runs isochronous with an adaptive clock generator to auto sync with the host. The master clock generator is a classy 1ppm TCXO unit with proprietary low-jitter drivers for Windows & Mac. Direct Sound, ASIO4ALL and WASAPI are all supported and run smoothly. The UC192 is housed in an oval cross-section aluminium case with black hairbrush polish. It measures 88 x 82 x 24mm. An external 7.5V power supply is provided.

    The Kingrex UC192 is available locally via Coem Audio with an RRP of AU$185.

    John H. Darko

    Written by John H. Darko

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