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Audio Analogue announces Armonia Series

  • Comprising three impressive models, the Armonia Series embodies profound elements of musical perfection and succinct technical design. Built around key ideals of passion, technology and sound, these exciting new products from Audio Analogue display the result of intensive research into high end audio technology and the implementation of these fundamental principles to achieve the highest level of audio perfection.

    Crescendo Integrated Amplifier (AU$999)
    Exemplifying a true high end amplifier, the Crescendo Integrated Amp can deliver 50 watts on a 8 Ohm load or 80 watts on a 4 Ohm load, both with a THD+N of less than 0.05%. Also featuring 5 line inputs, plus a front input to be connected to a MP3 player line output such as an iPod, the Crescendo Integrated Amp delivers impressive musical performances which are pleasantly surprising at this price point. The line inputs can be configured in a by-pass mode to easily place this remarkable amp in an audio video system where in such a configuration, the amp effortlessly drives the front loudspeaker and thus increases the overall audio quality. Also featuring an integrated-resistor network volume control to enable maximum transparency, a 12v Trigger input enabling control via the Crescendo CD Player or Tuner/USB DAC, and calibrated and integrated electronic protection for electric overloads and overheating to minimise sound distortion, the Crescendo integrated amp is versatile in design and powerful in it sound reproduction.

    Crescendo CD Player (AU$999)
    Showcasing Audio Analogue’s exemplary attention to detail, the Crescendo CD Player successfully maximises value for money, without forgoing any level of sound quality or fundamental technical features. The digital to analogue circuit features a 24-bit/96KHz system clock, Burr Brown receiver and a 24-bit/192KHz Enhanced Multi-level Delta Sigma architecture DAC on a separate board. The CD mechanism employed in this unit is the Teac CD-5010A which is specifically designed for high end audio application, enhancing the technical ability of the player whilst lowering the jitter output.

    Crescendo Tuner/USB DAC (AU$999)
    An ultra innovative product, the Crescendo Tuner/USB DAC is not dissimilar to the other members of the Armonia Series in its sonic abilities and impressive technical features. Featuring a good quality internal DAC section as well as a S/PDIF Coaxial output which can be used as audio digital input for a DA converter for higher performance conversion, the Crescendo tuner is able to connect your Hi Fi system to your PC via a USB connection. This opens up an array of possibilities and highlights the innovative character of this remarkable product.

    Every model in the Armonia Series is 12v trigger connected which means the entire system can be switched on by the CD Player or the Tuner, which dramatically decreases the power consumption. The Armonia line demonstrates impressive technical abilities whilst each model is encased in a sleek silver aluminium structure and appeals not only from an audio point of view, but also have an aesthetically chic element.

    About Audio Analogue
    Audio Analogue was created in 1995 by a group of hi-fi professionals and electronics experts. If it’s true that good quality products can only come from a synergy between experts in each one’s own field rather than from the inspiration of a single person, then Audio Analogue comes about in the best way possible. In fact, while some of the partners aren’t new to the hi-fi business, the others, coming, from different areas of electronic research, development, design and engineering, give an important contribution thanks to their experience. Audio Analogue’s aim is to produce High-End audio products with excellent sound quality all the way from Entry-Level to Reference grade. This choice arises both from their desire to create high-level electronics and from the will to spread the hi-fi “word” to newcomers.

    Further information available at International Dynamics.

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